4 November 2009

The Paintshop - Slot.It Audi R8C "paintball"

Well, having been "slot-busy" for a while, I'll be trying to catch up with posting some articles, and for the time being, I'll show you another recent paintwork of mine.

The model is the Slot.It Audi R8C, which was allowed for a LMP championship that took place back in June. I could only contest 3 races of this championship and was intending to use 3 different Audis: this one, the Avant Slot R10 and the fabulous SCX Pro Audi R8. Well, in the end I could only take part on two races and I took the SCX model only (which was already commented on the "X-files" section here).

Still, the intentions of racing the Slot.It model forced me to paint the model hastily. I bought the orange hard-tuned version from Slot.It, with the Flat 6R motor in Anglewinder configuration. I had only applied the white primer by the time I decided I wanted to race this car, but was undecided on starting the series with the Slot.It or the SCX model. So, what happens when you have little time to paint the car and don't have a clue on what color scheme you want to apply? Well, you might get this:
This is what I named "Audi Paintball LMP", which actually never raced. But the hastily painted color scheme was enough for some good laughs from the chaps, and I wouldn't definitly say no to racing this car somewhere in the future...


  1. Very good paint

    Paintball is cool :D

  2. Never tried it :)

    Still, the concept offers some interesting ideas for decoration of whatever object, as I shown for a slot car...