12 November 2009

The Jagermeister Files... Fly BMW M1 DRT

Next on the Jagermeister Files, one of the great "mean machines", the BMW M1!

This is a model brought by Fly. At the first look, it is another great looking reproduction that this supplier has already got us used to. This machine was driven by Kurt Konig in the 1982 DRT Championship under the Gr.4 rules ("Deutsche Rennsport Trophae").

The usual orange looks from the sponsor fits the great M1 nicely:

This time I found a picture from the real car, and even featuring the driver (who even signed the photo!):

From what is possible to compare, it seems that the front round air inlets seem small on the Fly model. Also, the rear wing's side supports seem to be out of proportion when compared to the photo. The top of the wheel arches seem rounder on the real car, opposed to the flat cut look on the model. The sponsor logos seem to be all in place, in good justice to the real car. Overall, a very good reproduction by Fly.

Although I never track-tested this model, I did some races with the "Fly Racing" version and it is a great car to race. Although this regular version lacks motor pod and all the remaining evolutions, the bodywork and chassis should make for a competent racer, specially since this car has a sidewinder configuration.

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