25 February 2011

The Paintshop - NSR Fiat Punto Abarth

Back to the "Paintshop" section, here's a recent work on a Fiat Punto Abarth from NSR...

I had no ideas on what color scheme I should use here, so I just ended up painting 3 stripes resembling the Italian flag (it's the same order actually...). At first I thought it was a shame I ran out of white primer, but the grey primer I used here actually ended up looking good. Plus, grey is not stranger to an Abarth car.

The stripes were brush painted using the always helpful Tamiya masking tape. The side mirror housings and wing were painted without help of tape, so it ended up with some flaws...

Here are the grid details. The top was a simple drybrushing with Tamiya Chrome Silver. The lower one was also painted by drybrushing, starting with the white (all surface) then applying either red or green on top, fitting to the lining on the hood. The green section looks a bit brighter than the rest, due to the white base it was painted on. I was about to correct it with some darker tone, but looking at it again, I thought a little contrast would look good. Strange though, the red tone actually didn't bright up that much as the green...
Also, this was the first time I tested the Vallejo brilliant varnish. I think I have applied too much, you can see the reflex on the hood. Now I'm getting more used to it and the results are better.

'Till next time...


  1. White will always be white my friend... But a very good job overall. The scheme is nicely implemented. Simple but very cool.

    Hasta muchacho

  2. Hey Hugo.

    You paite one "tijolo" with a Italian flag??

  3. Hey, it's an Italian car, so why not an Italian styled decoration?

    I have to say I was rather lazy on this one, maybe a few sponsor logos, numbers and stuff would make it look better (even in greyish tone). Since there is so much varnish on this one, I'll leave it as it is...

  4. Hi everybody!

    Brick or not, grey is one of four "trademark" colors of Abarth ("Corsa" Red obviously!, "Scorpione" Black, "Gara" White and "Campovolo" Gray)

    Well, Grigio Campovolo is a pretty close color to Tamiya's grey primer:


    The italian flag is a fine touch, an homage to 150th of Italian Republic, like Ferrari 150th? :D

  5. Yeah... "Fiat Punto Abarth F150th Italia" would be too long of a name to put on any car! :D

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