30 November 2009

New aquisitions: Slot.It Mazda 787B

I finally got my hands on one of these! The long awaited Mazda 787B "Renown", limited edition from the "Le Mans Winners" Slot.It series.

Actually, it's the first one of this series that I purchased. I was never much into the other models, even the Rothmans Porsche 956. Somehow, I liked the unique nature of this Mazda: the only Japanese model to win the Le Mans 24 Hours and also the first time a rotary engine powered car did it. Also, one of my favorite cars to drive in "Gran Turismo 2" on my Playstation! :)

The orange box could mean I got another Jagermeister model for my collection, but this time it's a one of a kind car. It won't fit into any of the categories I have in display at my shelves - again, a unique model indeed. A numbered card with the certificate of being a limited edition is present with every model.

Opening the box, everyone gets that "WOW" feeling. It's a beauty in itself and although not 100% error-free, it's a slot car, so one can forgive that! Unlike the previous images that Slot.It issued prior to release, the colors are now faithful to the real car. The previous choice of the green color seemed too dark.

Rear detail is neat and nice, although those intending to run it will be crossing their fingers so that the wing won't hit anything, being so fragile. The box fits a replacement wing too, in case anyone will dare to roll this model. Interesting is the fact that Slot.It fitted the spare wing in the same orange color, but it's the same material seen on the spare wing of the previous "Effini" release.

The front section seems to be the dislike of the scale experts. To my humble opinion, it does good justice to the real model. The minor issues are the absence of an antenna and the fact that the rear rims detail sits too far outside on the model, the rear ones are more "deep" - but again, this is due to the intrinsic nature of slot cars.

Another model that will surely shine in my shelves...

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