20 October 2009

Slot Car Madness - The Revell Mercedes... Taxi!

After some absent time (my writing is being directed to somewhere else...), time to present you another ongoing project on Slot Car Madness. This is not a true Slot Car Madness project in itself, it's more of a "painting madness" project.

I recently purchased a Revell Mercedes 300 SE, rally version, a model I was looking for some time. Not that I want to race it... it's an idea that poped into my head soon as I saw this model on the shops.

This is a nice looking "car-bomber". The robust and powerful looks show exactly what this car was: a Mercedes. Revell did a nice work with this model, it's full of nice details. But I won't bet on the track capacities of this huge trucker... I'll show you why:

The tires are so narrow! If they are up to scale, I wonder how did these guys manage to race this 2-ton car with such a small patch of rubber underneath. One good thing that Revell did: place the motor right before the rear axle, instead of their usual choice for cars of this size (ahead).

Some more nice looking details:

Shame that the idea I told you about requires that I strip this car's paintwork. I kinda like this one, but the other choice was the grey Monte Carlo winner model - and there's no way I'm going to change the paintwork on a Monte Carlo winner !!!

This is what I want this car to look like afterwards:

Well, wish me luck... see you next time!


  1. Come in front about this "Portuguese Taxi"

    Go away

  2. Well, been a long time, but what I can say so far is:

    - I stripped the paint (not an easy task, Revell paint seems immune to ethyl alcohol!);
    - Primer was applied (grey);
    - Black sections are already painted.

    Next up, I need to search for a correct green colour and then add the rooftop lamp details... and find appropriate decals with the distinctive Portuguese "taxi" badge!

  3. If you still are searching for this car i have one of these out on TRADERA.se

    Link to it here : http://www.tradera.com/mercedes-taxi-platbil-ovanlig-modell-gammal-pepe-auktion_291704_149787141

    regards Cristoffer / Sweden