1 October 2009

Newcomers to the scene...

Wow, amid this global crisis that hit hard the slot world and after the sad news that some slot car brands are facing bankruptcy, there are now news that some new brands want to join the scene.

I was surprised reading the Slot Car Illustrated forum last week, where there was a post about a producer from Czech Republic, Faro Slot Cars. They developed a couple of mostly unknown Tatra cars (check them here).

Now, although it has been announced quite some time ago, Pioneer Slot Cars seem to have their models up and running finally. The great green Mustang from Steve McQueen's "Bullitt" has now passed the project phase to the finished model. The "Slot Car News" blog features news pictures from the model that are also available from the manufacturer's website (go there!)

Finally, the cherry: a new slot car brand comes to the scene: Mr Slotcar, from Canada! Their website is still under construction, but if you like to keep track of their news, bookmark this. However, their choice for initial model is quite surprising: the Le Mans winner Mazda 787B, the same model that Slot.It is just about to release to the market. Hope this won't be an issue for them. Check the pictures at Slot Car Illustrated here. The machinery looks nice and can feature something amazing for a 1/32 car: FF-type motor in sidewinder configuration. They also have plans for another model, the Toyota 88C, although I guess this model will please the american public more than the europeans... BRM has had some success with that model, but on 1/24 scale.

Good news from the front. New blood is coming into the slot, so let's hope it turns out for the best to all brands.


  1. Hi.

    The Tatra's seem very nice. Would they be able to compete with the Cartrix line up in the F1 classics events? that would be nice, especially if they are better priced than the cartrix models...

    The Mr Slotcar Mazda seems very nice. The body is ok. The mechanical options are very interesting. Suspended motor pod, optional inline, AW and SW configuration, very nice... I'm very curious about the SW FF-050 option...


  2. Let's hope that launching the same model at the same time that the powerful Slot.It does, won't be a sort of "misfire". Surely there's always some curiosity to check out a new slot car brand. If their model proves able, I'm sure it will pave the way for more to come...