10 September 2009

The Slot Car Madness Ongoing projects...

Well, I do write a bit about posting some slot car madness in this blog... but so far, where is it?

Time to show you one of my ongoing projects in that section. You know that old saying, "the bigger, the better"? Well, here's something big:

The great Fly / GB Track Mercedes truck! This one is not actually mine. Another "aficionado" owned this one and another of its "cousins". This model in particular was in quite bad shape: one of the front screw holes that lock the chassis into the body is broken, the bodywork comes in several pieces... plus it's in stock configuration.

So far, work has been carried out repairing the bodywork, but the screw hole is still a problem to solve. Chassis has been trimmed in some sections, to make way for some "small enough" foam tires - the bottom not sits really low on track. Power for these kind of beasts should be plenty: so now I've fitted the Spirit SxXx motor!

So far, track tests prove this car is a headache to set... but as more progress come in, I'll show you the final outcome. Until then, "stay tuned"...


  1. Well, don´t know how experienced are you in driving these beasts, but trust me on this, you'll want to have as much brake as you can get!!!

  2. I had a few laps on one of these, stock configuration, and they were quite enjoyable given their size and weight... but tuning them is an altogether different story :)

  3. Stock configuration means magnet on board, right? Without magnet they become particularly challenging... that´s why a lot of brake is needed!

  4. Uh... when I mean "stock configuration" it means using standard parts but in "non-magnet" driving. So, magnet is off ;)