9 August 2009

Sunday is Sunday...

Today is the first Sunday since I created this blog... I'm not a "Sunday racer", I leave that for the F1 guys. So, today I'll cut the writing short, and present you some of the many photos I've collected from the web on the "Jagermeister" theme (just Porsches, for today...). I do own some of these cars in "slot form", but that's a story for a later post.

Photos were mainly taken from the "Racing Sports Cars Archive", check the "links" section.

So, have a nice weekend and enjoy:

The legendary Porsche 956:

The Porsche 917/20:

Porsche 934 & 935:


  1. Hello Hugo.

    I love in Special the 935 K5.

    It's a very beautiful monster.

    Best regard Hugo

  2. I just can't see anything I don't like about the Porsche 956, but the 935 are really some great looking beasts from the lovely Gr.5 days.